April 19, 2015

Ammonia cleaning test

Had to test this out for myself! Can’t say the hours and all of the products I’ve tried to get rid of the ‘yuck’ on my gas range grates……..this was as easy as the pin said plus I expanded to the top itself by cling wrapping the dropped areas and letting them sit with ammonia on it too!

Here is the link to the Pinterest Pin:

April 18, 2015

After school snacks made easy.

Eat them separately or blend them- anyway you look at it, there's a great snack to refuel after a long day at school.

September 06, 2013

New Neighbors

Recently I put together a welcome gift for our new neighbors………. with a great deal of help from my favorite ‘go-to’ - Pinterest!!! After looking around I knew I wanted to do something that would die or you could eat (words of advice Mom always gives when considering gifts). So I landed on a cupcake bouquet. After all, this seemed like the perfect marriage of what I was looking for!

I found several examples of these and great how-to’s for piping a rose (don’t look at my frosting for the rose detail though – I don’t have the right ‘tips’, yet!) So all I had to do was find a recipe! After a quick web search for traditional welcoming symbols I landed on ‘PINEAPPLES’. And even faster than that found a great (and easy) pineapple cake recipe that just spruced up a store bought cake mix. 
Photo of my creation and the welcome note.

Here are the links to the Pinterest Pins:

August 08, 2013

Cabbage Salsa

I have noticed a lot of different recipes for Cabbage Salsa.  Here is a version that our family makes.  We not only eat it with tostada chips as a dip, but use it as a topping on our fish tacos!

If you are into exact measurements this recipe won't work because it's all really based on your taste buds having fun!!

Cabbage Salsa

Head of shredded cabbage
Chopped finely purple onion
2 or more tomatoes
3 chopped pickled jalapenos
2T pickeled jalapeno juice ~or so
Cilantro~ only if you like it
Garlic salt
2T vinegar~or so
2T oil~or so

Mix it all together....Enjoy!

February 03, 2013

Big Game Party Prep

Big Game Party Prep

Keep Center Pieces Simple: No need to spend money here…. Do a quick sweep around the house. Mine includes that box of Halloween decorations that houses those High school Pom Pons and the crazy football head mask. One more trip hits the garage for the husband’s football and bull horn. Together not only do they provide a focal point but they are practical for pre-game ball tossing, cheering (and yelling) during the game.

For the kids: Grab that Dollar store roll of brown shipping paper and some construction paper. Kids young and old will enjoy writing on the table without getting yelled at.

Invite the players that didn’t make it: Raid the closet of any jerseys and use them over bar stools or chairs.

Oh yeah…… the Food: Use that same roll of shipping paper and construction paper to set and label the food station…… Clean up is a snap and it’s a nice way to integrate areas.


January 17, 2013

Good Day!


I believe a good day has an even better chance of happening when it begins with a good morning (or better yet) a good night’s sleep! And what better way to have a good night then to have a bedroom that not only looks nice, but functions for whatever your unique needs are.

I recently got the opportunity to do a master bedroom design for a busy family that just welcomed their third kiddo. Running out of rooms, they were left with the only option of bringing baby (and all that comes with baby) into their spacious Master bedroom. (It was this or throw 10 year old big brother into the unfinished basement – the next, near future, project)

Well, spacious bedroom shortly became cluttered bedroom, with not only baby moving in, but growing fun, family, movie room ever more important. That’s when they came to me. While the family had beautifully decorated every other room in the house – they hadn’t done a thing but play with furniture placement in this room. After a quick assessment, it was clear this couple needed a retreat that would evolve as the family did. They love the mountains, could take or leave their furniture, and wanted to create a space to display the kid’s little notes and drawings, while also making it a welcome space for movie night. (Did I mention Mom-in-law lives in the house during the week, so this room becomes everyone’s retreat from time to time.)

With a couple simple tweaks to the layout, some modification to their very solid furniture and some paint on the walls, this cluttered and bland space now brings sweet dreams………….sure to inspire many a good morning!

Now go and fuel up with a healthy breakfast – and start planning your good day! …….and perhaps look at your bedroom in a new light???                   


January 10, 2013

5 steps to a healthier breakfast


1. Eat a third of your daily calorie needs! The rest of the day is ahead of you, fill your tank!

2. Choose a serving of whole grains. This could be cereal, bread or grain. Most servings are a half of cup cooked. Get out your measuring cup and make sure you aren't short changing yourself.

3. Eat your fruit instead of drinking it. Chewing your food is more satisfying and you'll feel fuller longer.

4. Choose a good quality protein, at least 2 ounces of meat, cheese, or nuts! Protein will help keep your blood sugar levels more even and give you a steady stream of energy until lunch time.

5. Sit down and focus on your meal. Studies show that when we stand and eat on the go, you're more likely to eat more at your next meal.